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Alger Hiss

Alger Hiss (November 11, 1904 – November 15, 1996) was an American government official who was accused of spying for the Soviet Union in 1948, but statutes of limitations had expired for espionage. He was convicted of perjury in connection with this charge in 1950. Before the trial he was involved in the establishment of the United Nations both as a U.S. State Department official and as a U.N. official. In later life he worked as a lecturer and author.

On August 3, 1948, Whittaker Chambers, a former U.S. Communist Party member, testified under subpoena before the House Un-American Activities Committee (HUAC) that Hiss had secretly been a communist while in federal service. Hiss categorically denied the charge. During the pretrial discovery process, Chambers produced new evidence indicating that he and Hiss had been involved in espionage. A federal grand jury indicted Hiss on two counts of perjury. After a mistrial due to a hung jury, Hiss was tried a second time, and, in January 1950, he was found guilty and received two concurrent five-year sentences, of which he eventually served three and a half years.

Arguments about the case and the validity of the verdict took center stage in broader debates about the Cold War, McCarthyism, and the extent of Soviet espionage in the United States. Since Hiss's conviction, statements by involved parties and newly exposed evidence have added to the dispute. Author Anthony Summers argued that since many relevant files continue to be unavailable, the Hiss controversy will continue to be debated. The 1995 Venona Papers prompted more support for the theory that he was a Soviet spy, but were not yet deemed conclusive by many sources. In the 1990s, former senior Soviet officials serving as official historians for KGB and for millitary intelligence archives for the Soviet Union stated, following a search of those archives, that the, “Russian intelligence service has no documents proving that Alger Hiss cooperated with our service somewhere or anywhere,” and that Hiss “never had any relationship with Soviet intelligence.” Hiss maintained his innocence until his death.

Birthday, Date of Birth
Friday, November 11, 1904
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The November 11, 1904 was a Friday under the star sign of . It was the 315 day of the year. President of the United States was Theodore Roosevelt.

If you were born on this day, you are 116 years old. Your last birthday was on the Wednesday, November 11, 2020, 152 days ago. Your next birthday is on Thursday, November 11, 2021, in 212 days. You have lived for 42,521 days, or about 1,020,516 hours, or about 61,230,991 minutes, or about seconds.

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  • Mose Allison (singer, pianist, jazz musician, born November 11, 1927)

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